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CISE - Certified Information Security Expert: Information Security Training

Certified Information Security expert is the 6 months training course provided by Cybergravity. In this course, a complete detailed study of each and every topic in the information security and ethical hacking course are taught by expert professionals, working regularly on cyber security and information security projects and having wide experience in this field.

Course Description

What is Certified Information security Expert Training?

1. CISE has been drafted in such a pattern that it concentrates just at the right place- Making an individual a Cyber Security Expert.
2. It is the Master Course by Cybercare covering each and every topic in detail.
3. It has been delineated to transform a learner into a full-fledged Cyber Security Specialist.
4. The course is for all those who are looking for a destination to utilize their 2 Months training time in the best way.
5. It has been specially designed for 3rd and 4th year students who want to undergo their 6 months training in the field of Cyber Security.


1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2. Foot printing and scanning
3. Operating system hacking
4. Sniffing attack
5. Network hacking & security
6. Internet/www/web hacking
7. Software cracking
8. Proxy servers
9. Virus Trojan malware
10. Cyber low and forensic
11. Mobile hacking and security
12. Database hacking and security
13. Social account security
14. Phishing

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